Why Choose LumpSum Funder

Lump Sum Funder is one of the top ranking annuity purchasers in this industry. We work diligently every day to offer a lump sum of money to our clients with structured settlements and annuities. Here at Lump Sum Funder, we know that life changes quickly and without notice; bills and debts can stack up and become a serious source of stress for you and your family. Allow us to ameliorate your emotional hardships by providing you with the funds you need to get the ball rolling again! We treat each unique case with the care and understanding that it deserves. Our annuity consultants are trained professionals with over 20 years of industry experience, and we guarantee they will remain by your side until you receive your lump sum!

  •  We tailor each case to your specific needs.

There is no exact profile for any of our clients. We have worked with individuals of every age in a wide variety of unique circumstances. At Lump sum Funder, we understand that our clients are real victims, some with heart-wrenching stories, and we handle each case as delicately as the one before. Our extensive experiences have given us a particular perspective regarding the various circumstances of each customer. The first thing our team does is hear your story in order to get a feel with who they are working with and to begin tailoring a plan that will best suit their various needs. We care about your case, and we want to help in any we that we can.

  • We are able to provide quick, no interest cash advances.

At Lump Sum Funder, we take pride in our ability to provide each customer with a personal annuity and structured settlement expert. After hearing your specific case and addressing your unique needs, they can then wire you a cash advance within 5 days of your call. We frequently provide gas cards and other options in order to further assist you while you wait for your case to be Court-approved in your state.

  •  Our annuity consultants have over 20 years of experience providing lump sums. 

With Lump Sum Funder, you will have a specifically trained settlement specialist walk you through the entire process regarding selling your structured payments at a place and time that is most convenient for you. Not only will our specialist walk you through the full process, they will also answer any questions and educate you about what exactly is happening at each stage of the process from start to finish, ensuring that you are never left out!

  •  Rapid funding that is convenient to you

Provided that you have your annuity documents and other necessary paperwork ready, we can deliver you a quote within a matter of minutes. If you are unable or don’t have direct access to your annuity documents, Lump Sum Funder will devote our research team to work through the necessary channels to help you obtain them and start the process of getting you your lump sum as quickly as possible. As soon as your file is complete, we guarantee to carry out your transfer and get your cash in your hands as quickly as the law in your state allows. In some cases, Lump Sum Funder is able to wire your entire lump sum in under 45 business days.

  • We provide unmatched educational resources.

Given our amount of professional experience in this industry, we have accumulated a vast database of up-to-date articles regarding selling your structured settlement and annuity payments. We feel that our clients are most comfortable when they understand the process that their case is going through in order to get Court approval and make an informed decsions regarding what exactly they want to do with their payments. Not only will our available database assist with informing you about the current industry trends, our team of strucuted settlement specialists can be used as an educational resource. At any point during the duration of your case, you will be able to access your personal specialist and adress any questions or issues that you feel you may be having.

  •  There are no hidden fees!

Once you receive your quote from Lump Sum Funder, you can consider it written in stone! We are 100% upfront and honest with you about any fee that your case will incur. Very few cases will ever have a fee associated with them. At Lump Sum Funder, we pay legal fees, notary costs, court filing fees, and processing and bank costs.