How to Host a Winning World Cup Party

When you hear “American sports” you are apt to think of football, baseball, and basketball. But once every 4 years, Americans join the rest of the world and become die-hard soccer fans as we cheer on our nation in the Fifa World Cup. If you are looking to fully immerse yourself in the fun that the real fútbol can create, here are some basics for hosting your own World Cup viewing party!

world cup


1.)    Have some hardy dishes—while appetizers and cute little finger sandwiches are fun, they aren’t super filling. It would be more prudent to prepare hardy snacks that will fill your guests and prevent them from carelessly nibbling on your food all throughout the 90+ minutes of the game. If you are looking for fitting snack recipes, check out

2.)    Stock up on the party basics—potato chips, pretzels, tortilla chips and salsa…there is a reason you see these offered at almost every party. They are cheap and they taste delicious. These are easy crowd favorites that won’t break the bank and will keep your guests content.

3.)    Invite your guests to bring dessert—most of the time, when you are hosting, guests will look to help you out by bringing something with them. Advise them to bring desserts, since these can be the most expensive aspect of serving food for parties.


1.)    Offer a variety—everyone is different, and people’s drink preferences are no exception. Beer is a typical sports-related drink, but don’t neglect some of the other options. Margaritas are easy and fun to make, and wine is a big favorite, too. If you are looking to get crafty, here are easy and cheap cocktails you can concoct yourself:

2.)    Don’t neglect non-alcoholic—not everyone is looking to drink alcohol at these parties. Offer some lemonade and various types of soda (and water!) for those who are looking for a fun, sober time. And hey, non-alcoholic drinks are significantly cheaper; it’s a win-win.

3.)    Prepare for spills—this tip isn’t so much to help your guests have fun, it’s to keep you more stress-free and possibly protect guests from your wrath if there are any spills…because let’s face it, spills are as frustrating as an undeserved PK. Don’t leave out any nice rugs and try to get the party somewhere where there are hardwood floors that are easy to clean and stain resistant.


1.)    Go patriotic—whichever teams are playing in the game that you are having this shindig for, go all out with their colors. Get streamers and banners and add flags for a nice touch.

2.)    Use paper plates—not only will this help save money, but you can buy cool paper plates that emulate the theme of your party. What a practical decoration!

3.)    Buy in bulk—a lot of decorating websites offer discounts if you buy in bulk. See what deals you can find. You may want to start at:

Whatever team you cheer for, whatever the outcome of the game may be, what really matters is having fun. And since you cannot rely on your favored team to bring home a win every time, use this game plan for hosting an awesome party  to guarantee a win among your friends!

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